Razer Lancehead Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅23-08-17

Product on Review: Razer Lancehead
Manufacturer: Razer
Street Price: £139.99 / $139.99

Razer is best known for their peripherals, namely mice, keyboards and headsets. The 3-headed serpent has become synonymous with top-quality gamer gear with the Razer Lancehead claiming to be their best mouse yet, packed full of bleeding-edge technology and top-class performance.

The Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition has been around for a few months now, but recently they’ve bolstered that design with the beauty of a wireless connection, foregoing those wires completely (until it requires a charge, of course). Razer also changed the sensor from an optical to a 5G 16,000 DPI laser sensor, the most accurate on the market, apparently.

Up until recently, wireless mice have been unsuitable for serious gaming due to interference and battery life concerns. Razer says that they’ve addressed these issues through clever channel-scanning technology (Adaptive Frequency Technology) and super-efficient circuitry, despite the RGB lighting.

Razer on the Lancehead:
Featuring our 5G laser sensor which gives you 16,000 DPI and 210 Inches per Second (IPS) tracking, the Razer Lancehead gives you the undeniable advantage of having the most precise laser sensor in the world. Focused on giving you more precision and speed, this mouse sensor also comes with 50 G acceleration, so that every move you make is tracked perfectly.

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