Razer Lancehead Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅23-08-17
Closer Look
The Razer Lancehead comes in gunmetal only, but it looks stunning in this colour. The curves and lines are designed very well. As you may have already noticed, the Lancehead is ambidextrous.

The front of the mouse features two huge, non-functional, grills and a huge studded scroll wheel. That void underneath the wheel is for charging access with the included USB cable. The scroll wheel includes an RGB LED.

The rear of the mouse features the tri-headed serpent which everyone will recognise. This angle further illustrates that ambidextrous shape.

The left-hand side mirrors the right-hand side to ensure the mouse is compatible, regardless of handedness. There are two slim thumb buttons, just above the grooved rubber zones, between which is the RGB LED strip which houses 7 LEDs on each side.

The top of the mouse, as you can see, is wider towards the back, on both sides. The two buttons in the centre control the DPI settings.

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