Razer Lancehead Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅23-08-17
Razer has released their latest software version on the back of the Lancehead; Razer Synapse 3.0. The software is currently in beta and does suffer a couple of small bugs, but nothing too major, we have it on good word that they’re working hard to make this their best software version yet. The beta software is currently limited only to the Lancehead and Lancehead Tournament Editions.

Upon the initial launch, you’re offered the chance of a walk-through the software, this is quite in-depth and a lot to take in at first, though you can repeat it at any time.

The landing page is the Synapse Dashboard, allowing easy and convenient access to all of the relevant areas.

Within the mouse customisation is a whole host of options, starting off with the button options. Razer employs a technique called “Hypershift” which allows you an entirely new set of controls with a click of the button; media or volume controls can be adjusted without taking your hand away from the mouse.

The following tab allows you to control all of the particulars regarding the sensor. The software allows up to 5 DPI stages to be configured to the top buttons on the mouse.

The lighting is controlled separately of the RGB effects, with this tab mainly used for power saving.

Chroma – this is where the magic happens. The Lancehead houses 7 LEDs on each side, along with the mouse wheel and Razer logo on the back, totalling 16 LEDs; all of which are completely independent of each other, and can even have separate effects applied to each. The Chroma section is excellent and should really come to life once more of their products are supported by Synapse 3.0.

The Macro editor is extremely well featured, allowing you to record long strings of button presses and tag them to any button on the mouse.

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