Razer Orochi V2 White Edition Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅07-09-21
Packaging and First Look

The Orochi V2 arrives in packaging with a familiar green/black colour scheme, continuing the branding through the product lineup. The mouse itself, a white Orochi V2 variant, is shown on the front alongside two primarily highlighted features: Bluetooth and HyperSpeed wireless support (although the latter of the two might be more difficult to recognise).

Just below the name and description of the mouse are three more feature highlights: an ultra-lightweight design, dual wireless support, and up-to 950 hours of battery life. That certainly covers all the important points, even if it’s not exhaustive.

The packaging’s rear breaks down the feature set in a little more detail. It describes the two wireless modes available to the mouse and low weight credentials, but also adds a more colour to the proceedings by breaking down the switch type, sensor specs and dual support for AA and AAA batteries. Size and weight meanwhile are footnote at the bottom, where they make it clear that the <60g figure is derived from the weight without battery installed.

Lastly, the spine goes into a little more detail regarding Razer Hyperspeed technology and provides a list of bundle contents.

The interior packaging is primarily cardboard, however a polyethylene bag protects the mouse in transit while a single-use plastic clip holds the documentation in place. Each should be recyclable, but ideally we’d like to see Razer move entirely to cardboard and biodegradable materials if possible.

Our first glimpse of the Orochi V2 is a pleasant one. The mouse is compact but not the almost squat dimensions of many other highly portable/travel mice, it comes with a AAA battery so can be used straight out of the box, and the documentation is minimal. But where’s that USB wireless receiver?

Well, for that we need to take a peek inside

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