ROCCAT Alumic Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅17-03-11
Closer Look

So lets take a closer look at the Alumic. First of all the top-side, here we have the ROCCAT emblem stamped right in the middle. Personally I think it looks fantastic, it catches the eye and is very atmospheric.

Flipping the pad over we see the underside has more discreet styling. With just the outline of the ROCCAT insignia. The Alumic pad is a good size - measuring in at 27 x 33 cm.

Alumic is the most sturdy, robust mouse pad I have ever come into contact with. Having an anodized aluminium core (between each surface) the Alumic is going to be extremely durable.

The top-side with striking ROCCAT emblem

The under-side with more subtle styling

The Alumic is dual sides as seen above, each of these sides has a different surface texture to accommodate different gaming styles. The top side features a smoother surface that is "speed optimized" whilst the underside has a gritty surface texture compared to the top side. This underside ROCCAT claims, will allow for greater control and is labelled "control optimized". The great thing about Alumic is that you can simply switch to either side should you prefer a certain surface type, you aren't stuck with just the one surface type like other mouse pads.

Top side of Alumic has a smooth surface for better glide and speed

Whilst the underside has a granular texture that provides better control

Due to the Alumic having a double sided surface for mouse use, ROCCAT had to implement a different friction technique to the pad since the traditional mouse pad would usually have a rubberised underside to stop it slipping around. So on each corner there are rubberised pads that protrude out, providing good friction, which prevents the pad from moving around whilst under extreme use.

Rubberised corner pads on both sides of the pad to prevent movement

The Alumic is 3mm thick around the prominent area surface area whilst another 1mm on each edge for the pads. So in terms of height its in that sweet spot, neither too flat or too high.

Alumic is 3mm thick

Lastly, included in the bundle is a gel wrist rest that can either be stuck onto the pad or to the desk - just behind it. This gel wrist rest provides some added comfort. It raises your wrist 4cm - making it line up with the height of the mouse better than it would without the rest pad. Wrist pads aren't usually found on gaming pads but on generic office mouse pads for those who use a mouse for long periods of time. They are used in the work place to prevent RSI so its not a bad idea to have the option of adding this to the setup.

Optional gel wrist rest for added comfort

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