ROCCAT Kova Gaming Mouse Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅29-10-09
Manufacturer: Roccat
Product reviewed: ROCCAT Kova
RRP: 49,99€

With only a few months left of this year, there is little time to release new products onto the market in time for Christmas, but Roccat have a few tricks up their sleeves. Back in August news circulated regarding the production of an exciting new gaming mouse – the Roccat Kova.

The Roccat Kova is said to be designed for both left and right handed gamers, and is quite considerably different than the previous release the Roccat Kone. It uses an optical sensor rather than laser, has less buttons and is significantly lighter.

Roccat have the following to say about the Kova:

It doesn’t matter whether you’re left or right handed, you use a PC or a Mac, or you’re a fan of red, blue or green – the ROCCAT™ Kova satisfies any wish; and it does all that without you needing to install additional drivers. With this component of the ROCCAT™ SDMS, another foundation stone has been laid for feature-packed, efficient gaming.

The optical gaming sensor with its resolution of up to 3200dpi delivers amazingly precise tracking on almost any surface. The ROCCAT™ Kova is especially effective when used in conjunction with the ROCCAT™ Sota Gaming Mousepad which features an integrated metal film layer that reflects light back to the optical sensor without distorting it thereby providing optimum tracking. With up to 20Gs of acceleration, faultless tracking is ensured even when rapid responses are called for.

As part of the ROCCAT™ SDMS, the Kova has been fine-tuned for pure performance. The mouse can be configured just by pressing simple button combinations – and all without the need for drivers. For instance, the dpi resolution can be increased from 400 to 800, 1600 or even 3200dpi without needing to go through the tedious process of configuring the software – and it’s just as easy to switch between right and left handed mode. The 5(+2) mouse buttons come preset with the most important functions for all the latest games and applications.

Whether you have a Windows® or Mac® PC, the Kova is fully compatible with both systems – and even with Windows® 7 already. The motto is: plug in and let rip.

The ROCCAT™ Kova features a customizable lighting system which can be adjusted to suit at the press of a button. You decide which color the mouse should light up in. The discrete LEDs on the sides of the mouse will cast an atmospheric aura on your desktop, particularly when you set them to pulse slowly.

The LEDs also indicate the dpi setting you’ve selected with the help of the dpi-change feedback system. The default resolution is 800dpi. By simultaneously pressing mouse buttons 5 and 7, the mouse will flash green twice, indicating that the dpi setting has now been changed to 1600dpi. Change the resolution again and the mouse will flash blue twice and the resolution will increase to 3200dpi. Following that, the dpi setting can be set to its lowest setting of 400dpi which the mouse confirms by flashing red twice. Press the buttons again and the mouse will flash violet two times and return to its preset resolution of 800dpi.

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