ROCCAT Kulo Stereo Headset Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅13-04-11
Closer Look

With the headset out of the packaging, lets take a closer look. You will notice first of all the design of Kulo is almost a trimmed down version of ROCCAT Kave. The ear cups are small and will just about fit on the ear but they are not closed. The outer shell on the right ear cup has the ROCCAT Kulo branding printed on it. Each ear cup incidentally, can rotate slightly - in all directions. This is to allow accurate fitting to the ear.

The right ear cup with ROCCAT Kulo branding

Inside the ear cups is imitation leather. This material is plastic and features an odd shaped cut-out to enable the speakers to reach the ear. Disappointingly the materials here are not breathable and so its expectant that the ear will get moist during usage, especially as the Kulo uses an on-ear design. Underneath we have the 40mm neodymium magnet driver.

Unclosed design for ear cups - no breathability

One of the great features about Kulo is its microphone. This microphone will automatically mute when it is rotated beyond a certain point. So, when the mic is moved upwards, away from your mouth - you can be certain it is disabled. ROCCAT went with this design concept due to the absence of power because this headset doesn't incorporated USB power - so they were fairly limited by their options. As it is though, I think this works great and will be very useful. The mic can even be manipulated in order to keep it fixed in a certain direction - so it is firm but pliable too.

The automatic mic-mute - simply move the mic award from your mouth in an upwards fashion

The headband is another strong selling point of Kulo. ROCCAT have used reinforced metal so that no matter how much you twist the headset it will not break. We even had a demo of how robust this is at CeBIT 2011 some weeks back now. Ideal for those who are on the move, taking the headset to LAN parties - were perhaps the headset will take a few knocks! On the alternate side we again have imitation leather. Although the material is very soft, it feels as though there is just air trapped inside.

Reinforced-metal integrated within the headband for a robustness

A soft cushion on the inside for added comfort

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