ROCCAT Kulo Stereo Headset Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅13-04-11

Ever since setting eyes on Kulo at CeBIT I was eager to get this headset in for review and take a look at it in greater detail. ROCCAT have impressed us here at Vortez, their mice, pads, keyboards and headsets have always favoured well.

Kulo is a lightweight, compact headset that brings some interesting features to the table. It has a reinforced metal headband to guarantee it endures the 'rough n tumble' at LAN parties and has a well thought out microphone that automatically mutes when it is moved past a certain position. It also has a very handy inline volume control switch that allows you to change volume settings on the fly. This control isn't bulky or obstructive but it lines up with the cable for slim, discreet styling.

In our audio tests the Kulo made a satisfactory performance but was let down by being inconsistent on varying platforms. The chosen drivers are certainly associated with budget type audio solutions and I felt that especially the bass tones coming from them reflected this. The one aspect that concerned me though was the comfort of the Kulo headset. Sure enough they are lightweight, but even after short sessions they begin to ache the ears due to the on-ear pressure, furthermore, with a lack of breathable material on the inside of the ear cup ears are moist as a result of the imitation leather fabric ROCCAT have chosen to use. Comfort is an important element with headsets and the Kulo headset falls short here.

Priced at around 50 inc. VAT the Kulo's are in direct competition with SteelSeries Siberia V2 and Corsair's HS1. Both are well known and respected, personally I would opt for the Siberia V2's at this price point.

I really did expect more from ROCCAT in terms of audio performance and comfort with Kulo. It does deliver some noteworthy features that in retrospect are very useful but the lacklustre performance and comfort brings the scale down. Comfort, for me is the key ingredient with any gaming headset. It should be the primary concern!

+ Very robust
+ Noise-cancellation and automatic mute mic
+ Lightweight
+ Handy inline volume control

- Inconsistent sound reproduction
- Uncomfortable

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