ROCCAT Leadr Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅03-07-17
Packaging & First Look
ROCCAT tends to go with a 7 sided affair, instead of the usual 6 sided box, adding a little bit of their flair before you even lay hands on the Leadr. The front of the packaging is packed with information and a huge image of the mouse.

The rear of the box caters to all of your curiosities, detailing all of the features of the mouse, along with a better image of the front end, showing off that plethora of buttons.

The top of the box shows a couple of accolades, claiming to be MMO and FPS approved; though we’ve been unable to find out who approved the Leadr.

Unfortunately, ROCCAT doesn't provide a method of seeing the mouse without opening the packaging, unlike many other manufacturers out there; fingers crossed for a display model somewhere nearby in your local computer hardware store. This would be handy, especially due to the size of the ROCCAT Leadr.

The charging stand, measuring a huge 180mm in height and 110mm in width, a 1.8M braided cable and a quick-install guide come included with the Leadr.

Once all of the packaging and protective bags had been moved out of the way, we were presented with a daunting mouse, housing 11 buttons, a paddle and a sense of “how does this work?”
However, after the initial shock had subsided, the Leadr is very attractive, with the smooth matte finish and ROCCAT logo on the palm section, married to the rough(er) plastic on the right and left.

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