ROCCAT Leadr Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅03-07-17
Closer Look
The ROCCAT Leadr is an incredibly busy mouse, housing 12 buttons and the X-Celerator paddle. Alongside the left and right click are a pair of buttons, on the left is the DPI sensitivity adjustment, and on the right, you can switch through profiles. Behind the scroll wheel is a paddle which can be tilted in either direction, though its placement is a little out of the way; another paddle, just above the thumb, can move up and down, this is the X-Celerator paddle, which is incredibly good for scrolling web pages, it’s also a purely analog input, so can be feathered; useful as a throttle in-game. Directly underneath the X-Celerator paddle are the standard forwards and backwards inputs for your internet browser.

If that wasn’t enough for you, on the left-hand side, located below the thumb-groove is the ROCCAT Easy-Shift[+] button, which while depressed, can alter the effective function of each button on the mouse, allowing a total of 28 functions from the Leadr; the learning curve for some of the lesser-used functions is huge, but the ability to alter your system volume using the scroll wheel is fantastic! This is, of course, fully customisable through the ROCCAT Swarm software.

The right-hand side of the Leadr is formed to allow your outer fingers somewhere to lie, other than that, there’s not much to look at here.

The ROCCAT logo dominates the rear portion of the mouse, which looks brilliant when lit by the RGB backlighting, perfectly crisp with no light bleed at all.

Though this mouse is wireless, you are presented with the option of attaching the Micro-USB cable into the front of the mouse, which locks into place to ensure it never works loose. The same Micro-USB cable must be used for both the charging/transmitter base and the mouse; ROCCAT only provides one.

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