ROCCAT Noz Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅10-08-19
Performance Testing

Design & Build Quality

The ROCCAT Noz Stereo Gaming Headset benefits from a rather understated design, there is no RGB and no garish colours here which is both positive and negative depending on which side of the fence you fall. It features ample padding on both the ear cups and headband so in practice it stays comfy for hours however sound isolation does suffer somewhat due to the headset using fabric rather than leatherette, which is understandable at this price point.

As mentioned previously the headset features a built in volume wheel and microphone mute button on the rear of the left ear cup and we found that these controls were easily accessible. The microphone also slots into the left ear cup and it's easily attached, and the design means that it's fairly difficult to accidentally knock it out the socket.

Audio Quality

In gaming the Noz Stereo Gaming Headset performs well for it's price, however listening to music is where it falls short of the mark unfortunately. The headset does seem tuned towards the mid & high range of frequencies, which unfortunately means the bass is lacking and this is evident in both games and multimedia consumption.

Microphone Test

One of the issues we had with ROCCATs previous release was that the microphone was fairly hard to position where it would best be suited, we're pleased to see that ROCCAT have remedied that issue on the Noz Stereo Gaming Headset with the boom arm being longer and more flexible. A video demonstrating the microphone is available below.

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