ROCCAT Pyra Wireless Mouse Review

👤by Thomas Koflach Comments 📅25-05-10
Packaging and Setup

ROCCAT have never been one to skimp on packaging, and the Pyra is no different. The box itself is made of clear plastic, showing off the Pyra, which is held safely inside. Inside the box you get the following accessories: USB charging cable, 2x AAA rechargeable batteries, installation pack, carrying pouch and the mouse itself.

The clear plastic lets you see the mouse held within.

ROCCAT supply a very comprehensive bundle.

Upon taking a closer look at the installation pack it becomes apparent that this isn't just your usual instruction leaflet. Although an instruction leaflet is present, there is also a mini CD and what looks like a credit card. It is in-fact a serial number to gain access to "ROCCAT world" - a place for all ROCCAT users to gather.

Notice the last four digits on the 'credit card'

As yet ROCCAT haven't devised a method of powering a wireless mouse without batteries, so the first thing you need to do is insert the two supplied AAA batteries into the mouse. On the bottom of the mouse there is also a little storage hole for the wireless adapter, which has a simple push-to-release mechanism.

Here you can clearly see the hole in the mouse designed to accommodate the wireless adapter

With batteries inserted you're ready to go...

As the Pyra is designed for gamers on the move, it is noticeably smaller than your average mouse. For comparison I sat it next to my Logitech MX518 - you can clearly see the size difference.

It's so cute!

With the mouse charged up and ready to go, It's time to take a closer look...

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