ROCCAT Pyra Wireless Mouse Review

👤by Thomas Koflach Comments 📅25-05-10
Mice designed for gamers on the move seem to be in short supply, especially those that cater for left handed users as well as right. ROCCAT have managed to satisfy both criteria extremely well. The attention to detail is great, with fantastic packaging and simple, easy-to-use software complementing a well designed and solidly engineered mouse.

Whilst I found the Easyshift function useful, I wasn\'t completely bowled over by it. The fact I had to sacrifice such a useful button placement in exchange was a bit of an annoyance. I can see why ROCCAT have chosen to implement it in this way, but it would be nice to have the EasyShift button as an extra button, rather than replacing an already present mouse button. With a bit of work however, I think they could be onto a real winner.

At £46.71 it\'s certainly not cheap - this is no doubt due to the lack of competition in the market to push the price down. It\'s a shame it\'s not a little cheaper, as ROCCAT are probably pushing the majority of gamers budgets with the price tag. If a full sized mouse is out of the question though, this has got to be the next best thing and could well be answering a lot of gamers prayers - for which you pay a premium.

However, for desktop users, it\'s difficult to overlook the fundamental problem with this mouse: Size. It works superbly for its target market, but for desktop users a full sized mouse just can\'t be beaten. Ultimately then, this is a superb (if a bit on the expensive side) mouse, and for anyone looking to save space it\'s a great choice.

+ Excellent packaging
+ Wireless works well, even at range
+ Stow away dongle and small size make it the perfect travel companion
+ USB Cable allows you to charge and play at the same time
+ Easyshift hotkey gives the mouse a vast range of functions
+ Great software package

- Price is a little high
- Still lags behind full sized desktop mice in terms of comfort and precision

As a mobile gaming mouse the Pyra is great and gains itself the Vortez Silver award.

We would like to thank ROCCAT for supplying todays review sample. Discuss in our forums.

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