ROCCAT Sota Gaming Mouse Mat Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅27-11-09
Introduction and Features
Manufacturer: Roccat
Product reviewed: ROCCAT Sota
RRP: £19.99
Street Price: £16.99

The ROCCAT Sota is the second product to be released under ROCCAT’s notorious SDMS (Smart Desktop Management System) and combines the properties of both a hard and soft pad into an interesting new surface solution.

ROCCAT have the following to say about the SOTA:

Any mouse will glide over the ROCCAT™ Sota Granular Gaming Mousepad with apparent effortless ease and as if fitted with a tracking booster. The granular surface combined with the integrated metal film offers unparalleled gliding characteristics. At the same time, the Sota occupies a smaller footprint on the desktop compared to standard mousepads, without restricting the gliding area in the slightest.

So it seems that ROCCAT have developed something very innovative, in even the mundane of products such as a mousepad. Let’s begin our look of this new pad, and see if its able to amplify our mouse usage.


The Sota was given a granular surface inspired by the geophysical characteristics of granular matter. This gives the pad unique gliding properties which make it seem as if the mouse is almost moving by itself. Accordingly, pointer positioning is improved and aiming is optimized to such an extent that every gamer will benefit. The
wrist cut-out on the lower side of the mousepad and its compact dimensions mean
the gliding area is extremely comfortable – perfect for high-sense-gamers in particular.

The Sota mousepad is one of the first mousepads to combine a hard granular plastic surface with an ultra-soft, flexible base. Despite that it achieves a thickness of just 3mm. It lies completely flat on the desktop and thanks to the non-slip base remains rooted to it – it also provides an additional layer of padding for comfort. The surface itself is extremely easy to clean so anything causing friction can be removed in a flash meaning the mouse is never slowed down.

Integrated between the hard and soft layers of the mousepad is a thin metal film. On the one hand this gives the mousepad a discreet metallic shimmer which sets this pad apart from the others in terms of looks as well. On the other hand, this film
improves the tracking characteristics of the Sota – the metal film reflects the light back to optical or laser sensors without distorting it in any way thereby providing outstanding tracking and amazingly precise aiming.

350 x 270mm in size and 3mm thick

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