Roccat Vire Gaming Headset ROC-14-200 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-07-09
Manufacturer: Roccat
Product reviewed: Roccat Vire
RRP: £40

Roccat announced the launch of their latest headset the Vire back in June. The Vire is a multi-purpose audio tool that can be used for both gaming and mobile audio communication.

The Vire claims to be the lightest headset in the world, weighing in at a mere 15 grams, which Iím sure you will agree is extremely lightweight. This factor will appeal to those gamers who are on the move going from LAN to LAN. Feather light audio headphones are also less likely to be irritating to the ears. Taken from the Roccat website, this is what they have to say about this new innovation:

ď The ROCCAT Vire Gaming Headset is on its way. Itís the symbiosis of technology and design that ROCCAT has been electrifying the community with since its inception. Now itís time for another alliance. Gaming, communications and music Ė united in one headset: the ROCCAT Vire.

The ROCCAT Vire Gaming Headset unites a gaming specialist, communications expert and sound pro in one device. With the accompanying extension adapters, youíve got everything you need for long gaming sessions at home on the PC or notebook. And when youíre on the move, the ROCCATô Vire will amaze you when making calls or listening to music thanks to its ultra-light weight. ď

So without any further delay letís take a look at the Roccat Vire Gaming Headset.

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