ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅09-09-18
Packaging & First Look
The Republic of Gamers have stuck with their current styling for a few years now, with the orange, pink and blue ROG logo on a black, Aztec-style background. We love this styling and hope ROG continue to use it for a while.

The front of the box features a full image of the motherboard with some of the included technologies listed along the bottom edge.

On the back side of the box is a comprehensive list of features, along with illustrations of specific features. More than enough to make an informed decision.

Included with the Strix B450-F is a large instruction manual, in full colour, a driver CD (do people still use these?), a replacement badge for the southbridge, more on that later. A sheet of shiny stickers, RGB extension cables, four SATA cables and a packet of cable ties. There’s also a pair of M.2 standoffs which you need to install yourself.

Typical for a ROG board of recent times, there’s an all-black colour scheme with iridescent markings on the southbridge heatsink. The board has been heavily graffitied in the factory, in a glossy black to stand out from the black PCB.

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