SAMSUNG T7 Touch Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅21-01-20
Packaging, Bundle & Closer Look
Packaged away inside a black cardboard box, the T7 Touch is well protected and will look good on the shelf. The front states that the device works with Windows, Mac and Android and shows the capacity.

The reverse of the packaging serves no other purpose than to divert you to their website for further information.

Inside, amongst a mass of cardboard packaging, is the SSD, a Quick Start Guide, and a Type-A and Type-C cable.

While the box does its job of keeping the SSD and its accessories in perfect condition, the simple fact is, SAMSUNG have used far too much cardboard for this packaging. There’s USB cables inside a cardboard box, with a cardboard wrap around them, inside another cardboard box, which is inside another cardboard box. Even the paper Quick Start Guide is inside its own cardboard sleeve. SAMSUNG need to do better here, in the current climate of reducing our waste.

Measuring at 85mm x 57mm, and 8mm thick, the T7 Touch is a thin and sleek design which weighs very little at 58g. The chassis is an all-aluminium unibody construction for strength, with an ePCM (Encapsulated Phase Change Material) inside the structure which gradually releases heat from the device without raising the surface temperature above 45°C.

The small square on the left of the device is the fingerprint scanner, surrounded by a transparent light ring that is used to signify different security states.

The reverse side is a flat piece of aluminium with only the product title in the bottom-right.

On one end of the drive is a USB Type-C connector, useful for up to 10Gbps (1250MB/s) theoretical maximum speed, with Samsung claiming to have managed to extract 1050MB/s.

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