SAMSUNG T7 Touch Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅21-01-20
The SAMSUNG Portable SSD software is so simple that it really doesnít warrant a video demonstration.

Thanks to some clever design by SAMSUNG, thereís an 18MB partition on the drive that can be accessed without a fingerprint/password being set up. That partition contains the installer you need to set up the security features on the drive. From then on, itís still available but the remaining 480GB-or-so (500GB model) is locked away behind a 256-bit AES encryption that can only be unlocked by scanning your fingerprint or entering your password.

Once the software is set up, which takes but a moment, the configuration of the device is super easy. You type in your desired password and then begin the fingerprint registering. If youíve ever set up your fingerprint on a smartphone youíll be very familiar with this process; itíll ask you to move your finger about slightly to register the edges and get a broader picture of your fingerprint overall. Itís also possible to add more than one fingerprint so multiple people can be given access, or you can use several fingers.

Once into the software, you can see how much capacity is remaining and the security status.

Checking that the software is up to date is also incredibly simple, with a single button to check the current version is correct.

Overall, the software is very simple to use and isnít really missing any big features.

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