SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅24-07-14
Packaging & First Look

The front of the packaging has an attractive design that is typical of SanDisk with a performance red, black and white colour scheme along with gold lettering reserved for the product title which is synonymous with SanDisk's Extreme range. Capacity and expected performance figures are clearly labelled too which is refreshing to see.

The rear of the box appears to have a wealth of information however upon closer inspection it is simply the same basic information in multiple languages and of little use to the buyer.

The accessories are okay as far as accessories go. You get an installation guide and a drive adaptor to make it thicker that it is should you drive bay no support 7mm height drives. There is also a business card which advises you to download SanDisk's SSD Dashboard software which is a performance monitoring tool giving you the status of the drive and moves data around to increase both performance and file integrity.

The drive itself looks good which again follows on from the performance theme of the product packaging. The materials of the drive are a combination of aluminium and plastic making for a very lightweight (54g) drive and couple this with a height of just 7mm it should come as no surprise that this drive is likely to appear in ultra/Macbooks in the future.

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