Sennheiser GAME ZERO Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅28-11-15
Closer Look

The GAME ZERO is available in black and white, we have the white version to look at, which is accented with a red trim. The earcups are rather large, which should give good ear coverage.

Opening up to take a look at the earcups, there drivers are deeply setback from the ears and there is a large amount of room to accommodate peoples ears. The earcups, like the headband is given a generous portion of soft pliable memory foam for extra comfort.

The headset can be easily extended by pulling down on the earcups to assist with comfort, the joint by which the earcups are attached to the frame to allow the earcups to offer folding and collapsing motions.

The sidecups have rubberised ridges and is a closed back design with the intention in mind to prevent external noise leakage.

The boom microphone is large with a flexible centre and can auto mute when raised. The overall aesthetic is enhanced by the quality of the construction though with the white version it is a shame that the headband isn't white too but the overall effect is still attractive.

The GAME ZERO can also fold in addition to being able to open out flat.

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