Sennheiser GSP 370 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅14-01-20
Closer Look
The headset utilises a fairly typical layout with a swing down microphone boom and extendable design for comfort. The grey/black colour scheme contrasts well and feels premium. Weighing in at 285g, the headset isnít too heavy either, particularly considering thereís a 100-hour battery in here.

The cloth-covered foam on the inside of the headband is extremely soft and forgiving, putting up no fight whatsoever when itís squashed. The foam covers the majority of the top so comfort should be good.

The outer edges of the ear pads, the part that doesnít touch your ears, is made from a soft leatherette to provide better sound isolation; the inner part that makes contact with your head is suede that will reduce heat build up to prevent sweating and discomfort. The earcups are designed to sit around the ear, instead of on it, but if you have medium or large ears, these cups look a little small for that.

On the outside of the right earcup is a large infinity wheel that is used to adjust the headsetís volume. The prominent placement and substantial size should make it very easy to find and use.

Folding the microphone boom down, thereís a noticeable click when it reaches about eye-level, this unmutes the microphone so that you can quickly and easily mute yourself by swinging it up the way. The boom is around 150mm in length, from the centre of the hinge, putting it around the edge of my mouth so it should pick up my voice pretty well.

On the bottom of the left earcup is the power switch, with the sync function built-in, a Micro-USB charging port and a multi-colour LED that shows you current states of the headset such as when itís syncing or charging.

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