Sharkoon Anti Vibe Magnetic Fan Frame Review

👤by Vinh Thai Comments 📅08-09-09
Product on Review: Sharkoon Anti Vibe Magnetic Fan Frame
Manufacturer and Sponsor: SHARKOON Technologies GmbH
MSRP: 4.99 (80 mm) and 5.99 (120mm)
Street Price: Unknown

In the recent years, there has been a growing interest for silencing computer systems. High performance air cooling used to be synonymous with high speed fans that would cause vibration, bearing noise and excessive air turbulence. Nevertheless, many users are now willing to find a compromise between noise and performance by using medium speed fans, as well as vibration dampening material.

For fans, the most common product to reduce vibration is silicone or rubber mounts. Using such product will prevent vibration from the fan to be transferred to the computer case. These fan mounts work very well once installed, but the difficulty is the installation itself. Depending on how long the mounts are, needle nose pliers might be needed to secure the mounts onto the fan. This could be complicated because the clearance for such a tool in a computer case might not be available, such as near the rear I/O panel. Elsewhere, silicone or rubber gaskets that are placed between the fan and the computer case help dampen vibration. The downfall of these gaskets is the fact that it uses metal fan screws to secure the fan to the computer case. This might, unfortunately, transmit vibrations to the computer case.

Recently, Sharkoon has made a very different fan mount from the competition. Although it is made of silicone like most vibration dampening solutions, its installation is much simpler. In fact, the Sharkoon Anti Vibe Magnetic is secured to the metal computer case with magnets. It is also a full-sized frame. Therefore, clearance in a computer case for tools is not needed because no tools are needed.

On paper, the Sharkoon Anti Vibe Magnetic fan frame offers simplicity, ease of installation and vibration dampening. Whether this holds true or not will be determined in the following pages.

The Sharkoon Anti Vibe Magnetic Fan Frame

About Sharkoon:
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