SilverStone Fortress FT03-MINI Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅20-06-12
Packaging & First Look

FT03-Mini is presented in a similarly designed box to the FT03 but is obviously smaller due to the size difference. The front of the packaging features two depictions of the available colours for FT03-Mini – black and white. The sides of the box have information about the specifications whilst the back has an illustration of the case and major features highlighted.

Inside, FT03-Mini is covered in a clear plastic sheet and polystyrene holders are fixed to the top and bottom of the chassis to protect it whilst in transit.

Packaging for FT03-Mini

Taking the case out of its packaging we are met with something not that dissimilar to what we have already seen with the Fortress series. Being the smallest variant in the series the Mini is 50% smaller than the original FT03 and uses the same design of being taller than the conventional computer chassis.

SilverStone have kept with the minimalist appearance with FT03-Mini and it does look very sleek. Being a fan of the original FT03 I find it very appealing. The front has the SilverStone insignia and a slot loaded optical drive. The drive itself isn’t included just the mounting spot. The front and all other panels are 2.5mm thick sand-blasted and anodized aluminium – the finish, feel and quality is we expect from SilverStone, very good.

FT03-Mini continues to deliver elegance

On the next page we will explore the external elements of FT03-Mini.

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