SilverStone Fortress FT03-MINI Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅20-06-12

Product on Review: FT03-Mini.
Manufacturer and Sponsor: SilverStone
MSRP: £100 inc.VAT (GBP)

It was only a matter of weeks ago that we were giving the FT03 a thorough examination and we definitely liked what we saw. The FT03 is now a mainstay in the mATX chassis market and deemed a firm favourite. Though the FT03 can entertain Mini-ITX, due to its size there it is surplus to requirements for many enthusiasts wanting to use this form factor and so SilverStone are back again with a variant that targets Mini-ITX and those wanting to build the most compact of computer systems – Enter the FT03-Mini.

Fusing together the looks and charm of the original the FT03-Mini has been reduced in size by a whopping 50%. The feature-set of the FT03-Mini has been rationalised to be accomodated by the reduced size of the chassis, with the aim of catering condensed, Mini-ITX systems. Can this smaller variant to the classic Fortress series impress us again? Let’s find out!

SilverStone’s take on FT03-Mini
After releasing the ground breaking Fortress FT03 chassis in 2011, SilverStone engineers took on the challenge of making a smaller version to further increase the appeal of this unique computer form factor. Through intelligent planning and reengineering, the engineers were able to create the FT03-MINI, which improves on the simplistic design of the FT03 while reducing the size by 50%. Using 2.5mm thick, sand-blasted and anodized aluminum outer shells with no cable connectors and vents on all four sides to complement an efficient, organized layout, this chassis helps SilverStone to again set new standards in small form factor computers.

The interior of the FT03-MINI utilizes SilverStone’s unique stack effect cooling layout so a Mini-ITX motherboard is mounted in 90 degree rotation to take advantage of hot air’s natural tendency to rise. The FT03-MINI can accommodate graphic cards up to 10”, support one 3.5” and two 2.5” drives, and even entry-level liquid cooling can be installed to satisfy needs of enthusiasts. As the new small form factor chassis addition to the Fortress series, the FT03-MINI is truly a paradigm.

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