SilverStone Fortress FT03 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-04-12
Packaging & Exterior

FT03 is presented in a tall attractive looking box. SilverStone have put two depictions of the chassis on the front and listed significant features. These two images of the FT03 show the case in black and white – our review sample is infact the “Titanium” version as signified by the text in the top right corner.

Inside, FT03 is covered in a clear plastic sheet and two polystyrene blocks sit at the top and bottom of the chassis to ensure its safe arrival whilst in transit.

The packaging for FT03

With FT03 out of its packaging the first thing to note is its dimensions – this chassis is tall and thin when compared to the traditional computer chassis. We’ll see as we go into this review that the orientation of how hardware is arranged inside is completely different too.

All side panels on FT03 are aluminium and extremely sturdy. The front features a metallic SilverStone emblem. The front also has a horizontal incision – this feature allows a slot loaded slimline optical drive to be installed.

The front of FT03

FT03 looks very similar on all of its sides – the left side does offer some difference by way of a plastic ventilation panel though. This panel is glossy and plastic and it does cheapen the look and feel of the case somewhat.

Ventilation panel on the side of FT03

Moving to the top of the FT03 there is a large glossy plastic panel – this has the front panel connectivity running along the edge. Included here are the power and reset buttons with LEDs, 2x USB 3.0 ports (via USB cable) and headphone and microphone jacks.

Although the inclusion of a USB 3.0 motherboard header cable is usually preferred nowadays and the USB cable is generally regarded as a hassle to root to the I/O on the motherboard back panel this is not so with FT03 because underneath this top grill is where the I/O resides so it is far easier to have these ports attached to a USB cable than a header – having a header would mean this would then need to be rooted inside the case and onto the motherboard.

The front panel controls include USB 3.0

Finally onto the underside of FT03. There are 4x rubber feet on the edge which prevent the case from moving whilst on smooth surfaces and there is a large fan filter that covers two areas. This fan filter is held on via sticky tape – on first impressions this might look like SilverStone are cutting corners but this sticky tape is simply on to keep the filter attached to the case during transit. The fan filter has magnets and attaches to the PSU when it is installed!

The underside of FT03 with dust filter

With the external inspection over, let’s move inside for a closer look at the interior.

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