SilverStone Fortress FT03 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-04-12

The panels on FT03 are aluminium and are not secured in the typical manner with a thumbscrew. Two of the panels slide in and upwards motion for removal and the other two panels pop on and off with a firm push/pull.

With these panels removed we can observe what the inside has to offer. First of all we will take a look at the left side of FT03 this is the side which will provide a view over the hardware of the system and would typically be the prominent side. FT03 can accommodate mATX as its biggest form factor, as you can see from the picture below space for hardware is very limiting.

Behind the motherboard tray on the alternate side there is space here to install HDDs in a variety of locations. There are three spaces for 3.5 drives and just one space for 2.5. This section of the chassis will accommodate the cable management. Cables from the PSU and HDDs will need to be routed to and from this area there are cut-outs on the motherboard tray to thread through to the motherboard.

Prominent side panel removed

Behind the motherboard tray

The PSU area is located at the bottom of the chassis with dual rubber pads to cushion the seating. This section, as already mentioned features a removable dust filter that attaches via magnets to the underside of the PSU.

The PSU seating area

Inside FT03 there are a total of 3x 120mm cooling fans each rated at 1200RPM and 22dBA. The two that are pictured are positioned to be intakes and blowing air onto the components. The other fan is located at the top of FT03 and is an exhaust.

A total of 3x 120mm fans inside FT03

After removing the grille from the top of FT03 we can gain access to the PCI expansion slots and 120mm exhaust fan. This would typically be at the rear of the traditional case but as SilverStone have designed it, the airflow will be pushed up and out of the top. The design of FT03 is quite ingenious as we all know heat rises!

This top panel has a total of 4x PCI expansion slot covers. Each come with ventilation cut-outs and are secured via the standard screw (not thumbscrew). The 120mm exhaust fan is as the other fans within FT03 rated at 1200RPM and 22dBA.

The top of FT03 with 120mm exhaust fan and 4x PCI expansion slots

On the next page we will install a mATX system inside FT03 and reveal how this case handles hardware installation.

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