SilverStone Fortress FT03 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-04-12

Installing kit inside FT03 is very different to that of the common ATX computer chassis. Getting the mATX motherboard inside with the CPU cooler already attached did prove difficult – the top exhaust fan and a bracket needed removing and after some give and take the motherboard finally sat on the standoffs. Due to the compact size within FT03 it does take more time getting such cables and other items plugged in. Hardware must be installed in a certain order.

As you can see from behind the motherboard tray arranging cables inside FT03 is very easy and I really do like the idea of having the HDDs sat behind this area and tucked away.

The idea of having hardware installed in this orientation is fresh and it would be great to see more cases like this, especially entertaining a bigger form factor such as ATX and dare I say it - even XL-ATX.

A fresh new approach to hardware orientation

Behind the motherboard tray – cable management is taken care of

HDDs are installed in a variety of spots behind the motherboard tray. For the installation I have installed just one 3.5” drive. SilverStone have designed the FT03 very well – the cables for the HDD simply run straight down and the cut-out is right next to the SATA ports on the motherboard.

HDD installation and cable management is easy

Though space is fairly tight with a mATX system installed, memory with tall heatsinks will still fit without any problems. It’s recommended that the cables for the 120mm fan and 24-pin ATX motherboard cable are installed first behind the memory though as its quite difficult to get at with the modules plugged into the slots.

A view into the system from the front of FT03

An overview of the system – very tidy

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