SilverStone Fortress FT04 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅30-10-13

Both side panels are fixed onto the chassis via dual thumbscrews. Removing those side panels we are met with SilverStone’s unique design of having the motherboard tray on the reverse side and rotated. The chassis is steel and the interior is furnished with steel and plastic elements, we’re pleased by the quality, finish and inclusion of tool-free mechanisms.

A unique and distinct internal layout

Interesting features for system builders

At the top of FT04 SilverStone have designated an area for the PSU. We’re pleased to see there are rubber strips for the unit to sit on and that there are co-ordinated cut-outs for cable management. To gain access to this area its necessary to remove the top panel by unscrewing two thumbscrews – the top panel has a respective filter and foam padding.

The PSU is mounted at the top of the case

Further down inside FT04 there are eight PCI expansion slot covers, each have the ventilation for better airflow within the case. Unfortunately there are just standard screws for these covers – there are no thumbscrews. Thankfully SilverStone have included a handy featured to remove these screws more efficiently – circular cut-outs sit adjacent on the edge of the chassis frame.

Multi-GPU compatibility

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