SilverStone PS07 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-08-12
Packaging & First Look

PS07 arrives with us in an eco-friendly double reinforced cardboard box. Significant features have been printed on the front and there are technical details on the side and back with an illustration of PS07 pinpointing prominent features.

Inside, PS07 is covered in a clear plastic cover and held in place via dual polystyrene pillars to protect the case during transit.

PS07 packaging is eco-friendly

Removing PS07 from its packaging we get a first glimpse of this M-ATX chassis. PS07 is available in black or white, we are reviewing the white variant today. Many brands are giving an exact alternative to the traditional black chassis as strong favour has proved successful for the clean and clinical white computer case.

PS07 has very sleek and elegance lines. There is no arguing that this computer chassis has a professional and clean cut visual appearance. Both side panels are without any significant features and are solid steel. The quality of these panels are significantly superior to a standard case, there is no flexing. In order to appreciate the quality first-hand experience is key. Although not part of the side panels; the front panel has ventilation on either side, towards the front to encourage air to pass into the case for the front cooling fans.

Sleek, sophisticated and beautifully finished

Solid side panels complete the elegant look

On the next page we will continue our look at the external elements of PS07.

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