SilverStone PS07 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-08-12

To remove both side panels two thumbscrews need to be removed and then they simply slide away from the case. With these panels removed we can begin taking a closer look at the internal layout and features.

PS07 is designed for M-ATX and has the motherboard tray to support this form factor along with Mini-ITX. The motherboard tray is actually removable - a series of screws hold it in place. All aspects of the interior have been coated in white in similar fashion to the exterior. There are cut-outs around the motherboard tray for cable management and there appears to be suitable space for the CPU cooler, graphics card and cable management too. As already mentioned the orientation of the motherboard tray within PS07 is upside down and on the alternate side compared with the traditional computer chassis.

An overview of the internal layout within PS07

Behind the motherboard tray

At the top of the chassis is the area for mounting the PSU. In order to install the PSU the top panel requires removal six screws hold this in place. There is no anti-vibration padding for the PSU which is unfortunate to discover. Not only does padding prevent vibration but it also prevents scratching between the PSU and chassis.

There is a removable dust filter at the top corresponding to the PSU.

PSU is mounted at the top of PS07

HDD storage within PS07 comes in two forms - a lower and upper cage. The upper cage can accommodate 4x 3.5 HDDs whilst the lower cage can accommodate 1x 3.5 and 1x 2.5 drive.

The upper HDD cage can be detached after removing two screws and the lower HDD cage can also be removed after taking out the four screws on the underside of the chassis.

With the upper HDD cage removed this allows us to take a closer look at the dual 120mm intake cooling fans. These two fans are the only cooling within PS07 so if they are to be effective its important they push enough air across the system.

HDD storage within PS07

Upper HDD cage removed dual 120mm cooling fans

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