SilverStone PS07 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-08-12

Observing the features of PS07 gives us a good idea of how much potential this case has but without installing any kit inside it’s impossible to see how well it handles hardware and if there are any pitfalls. So in this section our new M-ATX system will be installed within PS07.

Installation takes a little longer than it would usually due to the orientation of hardware being slightly different; the top panel also needs removing in order to install the PSU.

Installing the PSU requires top panel removal

Cable management is easy to control within PS07 and SilverStone have made sure there is a cut-out at the bottom of the motherboard tray for (EPS) CPU-power. There are also plenty of room and areas for tucking redundant cables away.

Installation complete

Behind the motherboard tray

Another notable thing to consider with the installation process of PS07 is the HDD cage which is obstructed by the CPU cooler in some cases. It’s advisable to install the HDD within the cage first before installing the motherboard/CPU cooler. With the upper cage installed the graphics card has support for baring the weight (SilverStone also provide padding between the graphics card and HDD cage.

Installing HDD in the lower cage first is advisable

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