SilverStone PS07 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-08-12
Clearance CPU, GPU, Cable Management

Clearance options within a chassis are important as it reveals what hardware can fit inside.

The first aspect to consider is the CPU Cooler clearance. There is up to 168mm for the CPU cooler, this would include Noctua NH-D14, Thermalright Sivler Arrow and Alpenfohn K2.

168mm of CPU Cooler clearance

For graphics card clearance there is over 12 of clearance which covers all current offerings. Pictured is the XFX HD7970 which is 10.5 in length. SilverStone have designed the PS07 in such a way that the graphics card in the top PCI-E slot will rest on the top of the upper HDD cage, they also provide padding for the top of the cage to assist with this. As with the CPU cooler support, this is a good idea since graphics cards are also getting bigger and likewise, heavier.

Over 12 of graphics card clearance

Behind the motherboard tray there is just under 2cm of clearance for cable management. Additional to this there are also areas that are concave for tucking away any redundant cables.

Just under 2cm of clearance behind the motherboard tray

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