SilverStone Raven RV03 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅23-05-12
Exterior (Continued)

The top of RV03 has a plastic fascia with ventilation. This panel is removable and upon removing allows access to what would typically be the rear of a computer chassis.

The top of RV03

When removed we can see where the rear IO ports will sit. With the case in this orientation the heat should rise and provide a more efficient way of cooling components.

Pictured below there is a handle at the bottom for moving the case around easily. It would have been nice to have two handles at the top here as only having one doesn’t provide full stability. Above this are 8x PCI expansion slot covers, all of these have ventilation slots.

Something worth noting about this section of RV03 is the width of the gap between the side panel and the PCI expansion slot covers. SilverStone has given plenty of clearance around the back of the motherboard tray for better cable management and the ability to install storage devices (more on this later). Next to the rear IO port gap is a 120mm exhaust fan. This will help dissipate heat out of the chassis through the top. There are also dual rubber grommets for water-cooling tubes just above the cooling fan.

Those with a keen eye to detail will notice the thumbscrews for the side panels are found at the top of RV03. In order to remove the side panels the top fascia must be removed too.

At the top – PCI expansion slot covers

Towards the front at the top of RV03 is a fan controller. This allows for the front and rear fans to have their speeds changed from low (700RPM) to high (1200RPM). This fan controller is accessible whilst the top fascia is still attached.

A fan controller for managing the speed of fans within RV03

Lastly we come to the underside of RV03. SilverStone has given RV03 4x rubber (padded) feet to prevent any slipping on smooth surfaces. Covering the entire section of the underside of RV03 are two removable air filters. These filters are magnetic and unfix from the chassis easily.

The underside of RV03 with removable - magnetic dust filters

In the next section we will be taking a look at the inside of RV03.

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