SilverStone Raven X RVX01 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅23-12-15

Product on Review: SST-RVX01BR
- Raven RVX01

Manufacturer & Sponsor: SilverStone
Street Price: £65 GBP / $80 USD

The RAVEN series has been a great achievement for SilverStone. Over the years this case series has scooped up many accolades for innovation and cooling performance – every 12 months SilverStone has satisfied advocates of the brand with the next instalment but this time round, as the year draws to a close a new series is unleashed by way of the RAVEN X Series.

The first case to be released under the new RAVEN X Series is the RVX01. The idea being that this case will still deliver the signature touches which many have come to love but certain refinements are made to create an entry-level chassis and thus appeal to those on a tighter budget.

So in essence the RVX01 still carries with it some key similarities that we’ve seen over the years but the significant difference is the size – this chassis is condensed and yet still allows for the ATX form factor and many other pieces of hardware – which we’ll be exploring throughout this review.

SilverStone on their RVX01
After completing the evolutionary RAVEN RV05 with 5.25” drive bay design completely removed, the RAVEN team created another forward thinking line of cases with the introduction of the “RAVEN X” subcategory. This line will not only retain the essence of what made the original RAVEN series great with features such as signature aggressive styling and 90 degree rotated layout, but also cater to enthusiasts looking for more exciting designs in an entry-level price point. With the smallest ever footprint for a ATX RAVEN tower case, the RVX01 has remarkably accommodating interior that can easily fit large ATX motherboards up to 12” x 11”, full size graphics card, four 2.5”/3.5” drives, and spaces for up to three radiators. From the factory, the case will come fully equipped with three of SilverStone’s famed Air Penetrator fans for class-leading thermal performance and easy to reach filter for easy maintenance. If you are looking to build an attractive, relatively compact and powerful PC on a budget, the RVX01’s combination of high affordability, top-level cooling ability, and flexible layout will fulfill the task beautifully.

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