SilverStone Raven X RVX01 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅23-12-15

Observing RVX01 from the front we have a plastic fascia with the Raven emblem imprinted. There are no 5.25” drive bays within this case so the front is completely closed off – except for some ventilation cut-outs along the edge for airflow. Towards the middle of the case there is a silver band which is in fact an LED strip – this illuminates red once the system is powered.

Since our motherboard tray is rotated, the back of the chassis is notably different to the traditional tower design. Instead, we have some perforated mesh which will work with the PSU fan to allow cool air to be sucked in. Towards the top there is an opening to provide space for all the cables to feed in/out – since this top section is where the rear IO ports are. There are two thumbscrews which fix the top panel to the chassis. This top panel has to be removed in order to detach the side panels.

Up at the top of RVX01 there are just a few items for the front panel connectivity. These consist of:

• Power button
• 2x USB 3.0 ports
• Headphone and microphone jacks
• Reset button w/ activity LED

Although we do only have two USB ports we’re glad that SilverStone are using the opportunity to phase out USB 2.0.

Further back from these ports the top panel (which is plastic) is heavily ventilated. There is a large grid of perforated mesh to provide the rear IO ports, expansion devices and the PSU to flush out any unwanted heat.

Flipping the case onto its side we see there are four rubber feet to prevent the case from slipping on smooth surfaces and there is a large, detachable dust filter which cover a trio of 120mm Air Penetrator cooling fans. These fans operate as intakes and will push air across the system – as such there will be dust buildup so its handy to have a filter which is removable while the case is stood up.

On the next page we’ll explore the inside of the chassis.

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