Speedlink Decus Respec Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅20-11-16

Product on Review: Decus Respec
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Speedlink
Street Price: UK: 39.99, US: $49.99

Apparently palm grip is the most widely used mouse grip, and with that knowledge, it makes sense for manufacturers to cater for that in their designs. We often see a wide range of mice shapes, from the neutral ambidextrous mice to the more heavily ergonomically shaped mice. Without confusing ergonomic design for comfort, ergonomics is more about efficiency and consideration.

In the case of the Decus Respec, the consideration is that it is a highly shaped mouse that caters for your entire hand. Though that is nothing new, it does seem like a design consideration that is being seen less often. Likely because more people are taking up the esports hype (with more of a bias towards neutral shaped/ claw type mice) rather than buying products that are more suited to their natural play style. In this you can find many people feeling like they are getting the back end of the stick in regards to ergonomic design and performance, especially since many of mice that cater more for palm grips tend to be stuck with laser sensors that aren't quite cutting the mustard. At its core, the Decus Respec is outfitted with the Pixart 3310 optical sensor, renowned for its reliable, responsive performance. On the outside, other than the outstanding shape, we are greeted with an attractive metallic red, rubber coating that looks quite lavish.

Overview by Speedlink
Maintain your focus and precision even in extended battles with the DECUS RESPEC Gaming Mouse and its huge array of customisation options. The configuration software allows you to customise the mouse to suit your preferences, letting you game the way you want and enabling the mouse to respond to your reflexes perfectly. Thanks to its integrated lighting system, the DECUS RESPEC bursts with colours that match the gaming atmosphere becoming not just a visual highlight but also serving as a profile indicator. What's more, its rubberised side grips, extra-grippy scroll wheel and extended finger indents offer maximum comfort.

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