Speedlink Decus Respec Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅20-11-16
Closer Look

The birds-eye view of the Decus Respec gives a much more detailed impression of the shape, having various levels of contours with LED backlighting lines that compliment the design.

The front gives a great view of the rubberised mouse wheel and the additional 'rapid fire' button. Sitting behind the mouse wheel is the DPI switch.

This side we get a good view of the forward/back buttons, above the thumb rest/groove. The four bars allow LED light to shine through.

The rear gives an excellent view of the ergonomics, including the thumb rest and ring/little finger rests. There are also some lighting lines on the main body.

This side shows off the rests for your ring/little finger, behind which are more lighting lines.

The base is rather large, as expected of the design with the sensor positioned approximately centre from front to rear between the main buttons. Also found on the underside are four large slip pads and access to the removable weights.

Opened up we find 4x 4.5g weights that can be removed or adjusted to preference, though there is no proved safe place to store removed weights.

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