Speedlink MYST Touch Scroll Mouse Review

👤by Alex Hull Comments 📅12-03-11
Closer Look

Let’s look at the mouse in more detail.

No visible breaks in the smooth surface

From the top, you can see the shape of the mouse. You’ll notice it can be used by both left or right handers as it’s totally symmetrical. You’ll also notice the Speedlink logo on the rear and the marked scroll area and middle click (marked by the grey diamond).

The view from the front

From the front, you can see there is a long gap around the front of the mouse. This is to allow room for the flex of the top section, which allows the two mouse buttons to click.

The rear view

The Speedlink logo is finished in grey on the rear of the mouse. Not much else of interest here, though you may notice the mouse is quite low in height. This has implications for comfort, which are discussed over the page.

The MYST from the side

Once again, you can see how low the MYST is. There is a slight recess visible down the side too, assumably as an area to put your thumb or finger.

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