Speedlink MYST Touch Scroll Mouse Review

👤by Alex Hull Comments 📅12-03-11
Closer Look cont'd

The underside, with battery cover off

Here you can see the bottom of the mouse. I have removed the battery cover in this shot. There is a useful on/off switch on the bottom, next to the optical sensor.

The MYST next to Gigabyte’s M6980, as reviewed by Vortez here.

Here, the height difference between the two mice is striking. The MYST is not only half the height of the M6980, but it’s also thinner.

The MYST in front of Gigabyte’s M6980

In length, the MYST is about the same as a regular mouse, perhaps a little shorter as the M6980 isn’t that long either.

A triple-A (AAA) battery next to the MYST for reference

Another reference shot to help you get an idea of size.

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