Speedlink OMNIVI Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅04-12-16
Closer Look

Looking down on the OMNIVI we can see that the main section of the mouse is actually rather slim, with the added width from the baseplate providing a rest for the ring and little fingers.

Face on, we get a view of the large aluminium baseplate and the deep wells for the fingers on the main buttons. The mouse wheel is coated with rubber for grip, while the DPI toggle button is like a small third main click in the middle. On the right had side of the image you can see a pair of paddles.

On the thumb side, we get four buttons, with a forward and back, while the top is set to a rapid fire mode (left main mouse), while the lower button is set to toggle sniper mode by default.

The rear view gives a better indication of its height, standing relatively tall at a 52mm peak. The extreme ergonomic styling suggest that the OMNIVI is more orientated for palm grip users.

Mirroring the thumb side, there is blacked out plastic located where by the finger rest. Just above the baseplate, you get a clearer view of the LED bar that surrounds the entire mouse.

The sensor is, interestingly, mounted in the approximate centre of the baseplate, rather relative to the actual mouse shell itself. The underside also shows off the full extend of the LED lighting bar.

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