SteelSeries Apex 7 & Apex Pro Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅19-12-19
Closer Look (Apex 7)
SteelSeries have wasted very little real estate while also maintaining a typical layout with fairly standard key spacing, all of the F keys are present, as is the num pad, but thereís only around 3mm border around the keys. The keyboard measures in at 440mm long x 140mm wide (220mm with the wrist rest).

One of the main attractions of the Apex 7, and the Pro, the is OLED screen in the top-right of the keyboard, boasting a 128 x 40 resolution, itís not going to set the keyboard market alight but weíll see how it gets on with the Discord and in-game integrations. Beside that is a customisable button and a volume wheel.

Putting the wrist rest into place, the magnets are incredibly strong; enough to move the keyboard while moving the wrist rest into place. But once itís attached, itís staying where you put it, thatís guaranteed!

The magnet at each end is all thatís needed to snap things into place.

Between the Escape and F1 keys, on the top of the keyboard, is a USB 2.0 passthrough, useful for connection a headset or mouse, or for super quick access for a USB thumbdrive. The white plastic surrounding the port is backlit with a white LED, helping you find the port in the dark.

The underside of the keyboard houses wiring channels that allows you the choice of routing the cable from 3 different locations, helping to improve the cabling on your desk.
There are 3 thick rubber grips along the front of the keyboard and two larger grips at the back, on the front face of the feet.

Quite unusually for a keyboard in this price range, the cable isnít braided from end to end, but there may be a good reason for that. Weíve seen keyboards from other manufacturers who have placed cable routing on the bottom of the keyboard, and also braided the cable, which reduces the grip that can be applied to the cable. Using a rubber cable encourages a firm grip and better likelihood of the cable staying put within its channel underneath; particularly useful if you use your keyboard with the feet extended. There are two USB connections, one for the keyboard and one for the USB passthrough.

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