SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅26-11-09
SteelSeries Ikari Laser
The Ikari comes inside a cardboard box, with the mouse itself on display inside plastic casing. All around the box, there are features and specifications listed (which are listed on the previous page). Inside the box you will find:

Ikari Laser Mouse
Drivers CD
Ikari Manual
SteelSeries Sticker

First impressions of the Ikari, with it out of the box. It looks fairly dull in appearance. Ergonomically though, it has some great curves and just looking at it you can see it has been crafted very well. Holding it in the hand for the very first time, it fits perfectly and feels really smooth. The surface actually feels semi-rough. So, although its smooth it will still attract sufficient grip whilst gaming. The sides use a softer compound even more suitable for grip.

There are set of thumb buttons on the side, typically used for forward and backward in your operating system. They are in just the right position for usage.

The button on the center of the mouse, just behind the scroll wheel controls the sensitivity of the mouse. Changing it from low to high. These modes can also be managed using the driver disc software. The underside actually has an LED panel to notify you of which profile you are currently in, as you can also customize particular profiles for certain games. This is a nice feature to have on the mouse.

The underside of the mouse as I have mentioned features an LED panel for profiles and it also hosts our 3200DPI laser sensor which is capable of 40K samples per second and 20G's. Very impressive.

Lastly the USB cable has been given a nice shell of braided cord, giving it some extra protection against cuts and snagging. Most mice today still come with the plastic insulation so this is a good move.

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