SteelSeries PRIME and PRIME+ Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅10-07-21
First Look

SteelSeries have carved out a grey and orange livery are their own for branding purposes, and so the PRIME series packaging will be striking on any store shelf (or discreetly positioned in the background of your webcam feed).

An angled top-down image highlights the streamlined nature of the PRIME series mice, showing just a touch of colour in the RGB mouse wheel.

Switching to the rear, SteelSeries choose to highlight the advantage of each of the PRIME models, particularly the crisp clicks and low weight.

Detailed technical specifications can be found on the spine of each exterior sleeve, breaking down sensor specs, interface type, compatibility and physical aspects such as the weight and plastic finish. At a time when manufacturers are moving away from this level of detail on the packaging it’s refreshing to see SteelSeries buck the trend.

Contained in the packaging of both the PRIME and PRIME+ models is the mouse itself, a USB-A to USB-C cable (compatible with a keyed USB-C socket), and a quick-start guide. No frills here.

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