SteelSeries Rival 710 Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅11-03-19
Performance Testing
The first noticeable call out of the Rival 710 is just how heavy the mouse feels, it weighs in at 135 grams, despite this weight it is on the more comfortable side of things, even for those multi-hour gaming sessions.

Setting up the Rival 710 went extremely smoothly, slipping your choice of cable into the mouse is a simple affair and it makes a satisfying click once it's inserted. Changing the cable is made easy by the quick release button.

Downloading the software, dubbed The SteelSeries engine 3, was easy, the set up was simple and using the software to change the 2 DPI settings, the RGB illumination and the OLED display was all easily done.

The OLED display on the Rival 710 is located in an easier to view location compared to the Cooler Master MM830 we reviewed recently, there were no visibility issues on the Rival 710. Despite the fact that the there is a more varied choice of stats that you can display on the OLED display there is still a lack of any real use case where you would want to take your concentration away from your monitor to look at the mouse.

The feature that sets this mouse apart from the crowd is the tactile feedback that is another carry over from the Rival 700. Within the SteelSeries Engine you can set up timers that coincide with your skill cooldowns, once the timer reaches zero it will fire off a vibration of your choice, perfect for your ultimate in Overwatch or any games that include cool downs as a feature. Whilst this does take a little while to set up it is definitely worth it and we found ourselves making sure we had a unique notification for each skill.

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