Synology DS211 NAS Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅11-01-11

Product on Review: Synology DS211
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Synology
Street Price: 229.45 Inc. VAT (At time of review)

Synology are a strong force within the NAS market. Apart from just a few other names in the business they have an abundance of NAS products that cater for the home user right through to the corporate enterprise. Last year we took a look at the Diskstation DS410 and DS210j and we were very impressed.

This time we are to look at a newly released NAS called the DS211. Which is the next product up from the DS210j. The naming system that Synology adopt is quite intuitive - Diskstation (DS) Number of bays (2) Year of production (11). The variable at the end of each of the product range such as + or j symbolise - Performance (+) Entry Level (j). So our unit today has 2 bays, is 2011 model and is from neither performance or entry level range.

So the DS211 promises to be a strong contender for the budget crown delivering performance for home and small business users. Lets waste no more time and begin our analysis.

Synology's Take:
Synology DiskStation DS211 is an affordable and full-featured 2-bay NAS server designed to increase productivity for business workgroups. Cross platform file sharing, rich office applications, data backup and security are easily achieved in a flexible solution. Running on DiskStation Manager 3.0 (DSM 3.0) operating system, it delivers ease of use and variety of features.

Please visit the Synology website for Full Specifications on the DS211

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