Synology VS240HD Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅24-04-13
Closer Look

The VS240HD is a dedicated surveillance solution which models itself on the appearance of the DiskStation series of NAS from Synology. The physical characteristics are almost identical to the DS112+, with a dark, matt plastic exterior.

Each side of VS240HD features the engraved logo of Synology which also double up as ventilation outlets for the internal components. Due to its minimalistic styling the VS240HD will coordinate well with other devices such as keyboard, mouse, monitor and computer chassis. The underside of the unit has rubber feet to prevent slippage on smooth surfaces.

Professional and stylish characteristics

VS240HD coordinates well with other computer kit

The front of VS240HD is part glossy, part matt and has a number of LEDs for status, LAN and lock activity. On the outer edge further down the unit is a power button which glows blue when the unit is powered up.

The front of VS240HD with LEDs

Around the back of the unit is the panel for connectivity. At the top of this rear panel is a label showing the serial number and mac address, followed by:

- 1x Audio Jack
- 2x HDMI ports
- 4x USB 2.0 ports
- 1x Gigabit RJ45 LAN port
- 1x DC port
- 1x Factory reset button
- 1x Kensington lock port

In order to get started with VS240HD it is a requirement to use HDMI for video output, USB port for mouse navigation and Ethernet cable for network functionality. To use VS240HD it is necessary to have a Synology NAS located on the network with Surveillance Station package installed. The NAS provides interface and the capabilities to store the video files, this is what Synology has to say about this:

Synology VS240HD makes surveillance live-view and playback simple. Connect up to 24 high-definition IP cameras to VS240HD and pair it with a Synology server for ease of storing and retrieving footage with only a few clicks. With dual HDMI support, VS240HD ensures high-quality viewing. At the same time, multi-screen wall-mounted display is available for large-scale deployments.

The rear of VS240HD has a variety of ports for connectivity

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