Team DARK Pro '8 Pack Edition' Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-07-17

Product on Review: Team DARK Pro '8 Pack Edition'
Manufacturer: Team Group
Street Price: UK: 188.99

Since the release of the AMD Ryzen CPUs, we have seen many people asking 'What memory should I use?'. Well, if you have been holding back, we are now happy to confirm that the majority of the teething issues have been ironed out, with stable BIOS patches rolling out from the various motherboard manufacturers. Many of these problems were down to the way that the Ryzen CPU architecture pairs itself, and utilises available memory. Initially, we were given a suggested memory frequency of 2400-2666MHz @ 16-16-16-36 timings. As of now, we are regularly able to achieve 3200MHz across the many motherboards we have looked at, but we haven't been able to fully investigate the performance implications.

Team Group are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, and in that time, they have steadily been growing in reputation due to their excellent products and services, a growth which is reflected in both their product lines and availability of Team Group products, aided by the Partnership with OcUK and Caseking Group. In a special collaboration between Team Group, Gibbo, 8 Pack, Caseking and OcUK, we have been presented with the Team DARK Pro '8 Pack edition', which is a cherry picked edition of the Team DARK Pro memory modules.

Guaranteeing Samsung B die ICs under the stylish heat-spreader, these memory modules feature an aggressive default XMP setting of 14-14-14-31 @ 3200MHz that has been tested across many motherboards of all the latest platforms to ensure broad compatibility. Taking this a step further, the Samsung B die ICs provide huge potential for enthusiast overclockers looking to get aggressive timings, or the highest frequencies from their platform. Potentially reaching 3722MHz in Quad-Channel configuration on X299, or 4133MHz on Z270, you can understand why we are excited to test them out with the latest AMD platform.

OverclockersUK on the DARK Pro '8 Pack Edition'
A cooperation between TeamGroup, Gibbo, 8 Pack, Caseking and Overclockers UK brings you this very aesthetically pleasing design with great thermals. But more importantly the IC is Samsung B die and has being qualified and tested thoroughly on the latest Intel Kabylake platforms (Z170/270) and AMD Ryzen mainboards.

With a very aggressive low latency of CAS 14-14-14-31 out the box this kit not only offers tight timings but high frequency as well with 3200MHz. Tested reliably in over 15 AMD Ryzen mainboards with both 350 and 370 chipset at advertised speeds.

Available exclusively only from OcUK, Caseking (Germany) and Globaldata (Portugal) which are all part of the growing empire known as Caseking Group.

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