Team DARK Pro '8 Pack Edition' Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-07-17
Packaging & Product

The DARK Pro memory modules are available in either a red or gunmetal grey colour, however the '8 Pack Edition' seems to only be available in gunmetal grey, though this clears up the imagery on the front of the packaging. The memory timing, frequency and capacity is listed in the details on the sticker, there is otherwise no real other distinguishing features to determine it from the regular 'DARK Pro' on the external packaging.

The reverse side of the box reveals a short description in various languages to point out that this memory is made for gamers and overclockers.

At the front there is a panel that opens to reveal some more information about the product, including its support for Skylake CPUs, and that it supports XMP 2.0, and features a materials designed for efficient cooling. There is also a window that shows the product inside, along with the tale-tell 8 Pack logo.

The memory itself features a heavyweight black heat-spreader with a pseudo honeycomb design revealing the gunmetal grey accents beneath. We would have attempted to remove the heat-spreader to reveal the ICs, but without the correct tools and consideration to remove the thermal adhesive (as well as replacing it), we did not want to risk damaging the product.

Looking at the side view of the memory module, we can see that the heat-spreader construction appears to be two thick metal plates that have been clamped together to provide the cooling.

Including the heatspreader, the DARK Pro memory modules are much lower than the stylised Night Hawk or Xtreem modules, measuring up at a reasonable height of 45-46mm.

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