Team Group T-Force Dark Z DDR4 3600MHz Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅21-10-19

Product on Review: Team Group T-Force Dark Z
Manufacturer: Team Group
Street Price: USD $79.99

Team Group have been around for quite a few years now, producing flash-based products in the Eastern markets but it’s only the last few years where they’re truly emerged into the Western hemisphere, but since then, we’ve been inundated with SSDs and DRAM modules with the latest in that line being today’s sample, the Team Group T-Force Dark Z DDR4.

The T-Force Dark Z is available in 2666MHz, 3000MHz, 3200MHz and 3600MHz frequency options, 8GB and 16GB module capacities and in a choice of red or grey. Today we’ll look at a 3600MHz, 2x 8GB kit, in the grey flavour.

Latency is rated at 18-22-22-42, which is a far cry from the best we’ve seen but Team Group promise this memory to be affordable, often a stumbling block for many hoping to purchase a high frequency memory kit. The aluminium heatsinks allow the modules to more efficiently dissipate the heat generated from their XMP overclock profile and with specially selected high-quality ICs, optimal performance, stability and compatibility is guaranteed.

We’ve been unable to find UK or Aussie pricing but at $79.99 in the US for the 3600MHz kit, it’ll almost undoubtedly strike a note with budget-constrained enthusiasts.

Team Group on the Dark Z:
T-FORCE DARK Z DDR4 gaming memory is designed based on the concept of an armored knight. The sacred war robe offers a more complete protection. The simple yet brilliant line design of T-FORCE DARK Z DDR4 gaming memory refines the heat sink which made by traditional punch press process. Electrolytic anodizing process and metal electroforming logo design are used to echo with T-FORCE logo’s energetic tech armor.

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