Team Group T-Force Vulcan Z DDR4 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅13-08-19

Product on Review: Team Group[ Vulcan Z DDR4
Manufacturer: Team Group
Street Price: £79.99 / $84.99

Team Group are a Taiwanese company, founded in 1997, who specialise in the R & D and manufacturing of DRAM and Flash Storage products. In recent years they’ve emerged out of the Eastern market and begun to offer products in the West where their popularity has grown thanks to professional overclockers like Ian 8-Pack Parry who has his own Team Group range.

Team Group love to throw around gaming keywords as part of their marketing exercise but don’t let that detract from the performance their DRAM modules typically offer. The kit we’re looking at today is a much less in-your-face affair than we’re used to.

The metallic heat-spreaders are anodised to inhibit conductance and corrosion over time, while also adding a touch of colour, with a choice of red or grey.

Modules are available in capacities of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB with kits of 8GB (2x 4GB), 16GB (2x 8GB) and 32GB (2x 16GB). Frequencies range through 2666MHz, 3000MHz and 3200MHz, with the latter being the focus of today’s review.

Thanks to the lack of any RGB lighting or extensive heat-spreaders, pricing is competitive, with a 3200MHz CAS16 kit being available for £79.99/$84.99. A lifetime warranty comes as standard with the modules, for additional peace of mind.

Team Group on the Vulcan Z:
T-FORCE VULCAN Z’s all new cooling module is designed for complete protection and enhanced heat dissipation. The heat spreader is formed by punch press process with a 0.8mm thick, one-piece alloy aluminum to reinforce the body structure. In addition, coloring with electrolytic anodizing process can enhance corrosion resistance and make it non-conductive. Moreover, with superconductivity – thermally conductive adhesive, it can quickly transfer the heat on IC chip through heat conduction to aluminum alloy cooling module for better heat dissipation. Therefore, the gaming memory can be maintained within operating temperature, and offering the finest and smoothest gaming experience and an extreme performance without any lag.

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